Casey Kiernan

Casey has been a professional photographer for over a decade, with coverage in numerous magazines and cover shots. Casey's works have appeared on CBS News, Al Jazeera, History Channel, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Gila Film Festival and numerous other publications. Casey specializes in 4K, motion-control, timelapse, Milky Way photography, Iceland landscapes, desert landscapes and cityscapes, including aerial quadcopter filming.

Casey founded, and is the Festival Director for, the "Timelapse Film Festival" - The premiere event for timelapse filmmakers worldwide. The recent winners can be viewed here. The festival occur annually (late summer) in Joshua Tree, California. 

Casey's works can be viewed on Getty Images and Vimeo


Grand Prize - Gila Timelapse Film Festival - 2015 - Best in Show

Winner - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival - Jan/2015 - Best Timelapse

Winner - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival - Feb/2015 - Best Timelapse

Silver Award  - California Film Awards - 2015 - "California Film" Category

Silver Award  - California Film Awards - 2015 - "Music Video" Category